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  • Industriële klok mango hout
    Industriële klok mango hout

    Originele klok van mango hout. De combinatie van de natuurlijke nerf van mangohout met een stijlvolle metalen rand en eenvoudige metalen wijzerplaten maken deze klok een eyecatcher. De industriële houten klok vormt een originele…

    € 146,18
  • Marmeren klok- grijs Ø41
    Marmeren klok- grijs Ø41

    De gevarieerde tinten van natuurlijk grijs marmer vormen een ideale achtergrond voor de prachtige antiek goude wijzers. Deze originele klok heeft eenvoudige marken voor de vier kwartalen van de wijzerplaat. Alle collecties zijn…

    € 116,94
  • Witte marmeren klok
    Witte marmeren klok

    Deze prachtige witte marmeren klok is gemaakt van massief wit marmer. De natuurlijke eigenschappen komen door in de lichtgekleurde afzettingen. De messing wijzers en kwartmarketingen voegen stijl en praktisch doel toe. Deze…

    € 116,94
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Clocks for the living room

Original clocks for the living room, bedroom, kitchen or hallway. The clocks on this page are handmade in a fair trade way. Beautiful designs made from sustainable materials. On this page you will find clocks in various sizes and with different looks. For example, there are clocks from wood and marble. A clock is not only practical but can also serve as a jewel on the wall. A real decoration item. You can hang a wall clock in the living room above the sofa, above the sideboard, on a bare wall in combination with a painting or a shelf.

Design clocks

A clock in the living room must of course have a beautiful design and match the rest of your interior and home decoration. To ensure this, it is good to determine in advance where you will hang the clock. This way you can already measure which size is suitable and which looks nice. I often cut a number of circles from cardboard of various sizes to see what looks best. In addition, it is useful to put together a color palette for your interior. Some have the gift that this already arises in thought and they actually see the clock hanging, but that is not for all of us.

Clocks without numbers

Clocks without numbers have a calm appearance. By removing the numbers, it becomes even more of a decoration item. At first I was also a bit skeptical about the functionality, but now that we have one ourselves, I was so used to it. I can now see what time it is with a glance. Some clocks have simple marks for the four quarters of the dial.

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