Wall decoration

Wall decoration can serve as a jewel for your wall. The wall decorations that you will find in this webshop are designed by artists and made very carefully by hand. A combination of various wall decorations gives a stylish image. Just like with home decoration, every shape, material type and color can generate a completely different feeling. Make sure that this feeling matches your interior style and the feeling that you want to convey with your interior. Today's interiors are not only functional and cozy. It is a personal reflection of you.

Wall decoration living room

Because wall decorations hang at eye level, they immediately stand out when you step into the living room. A very important part of your interior. Because wall decoration determines the look of your interior, it is good to determine your interior 'atmosphere' or 'style' in advance. The living room will soon be out of balance if you choose wall decoration that does not match the rest of the space. For example, bohemian wall decoration gives a completely different effect than the tough industrial wall decoration. The choice of materials is very crucial in this. Brass wall decorations give that sturdy look and rattan the natural boho look. In addition, the shape is also very important for the style image. Round and geometric shapes break through the straight lines and angles. This gives more dynamism to the living room.

It is difficult to create an attractive image with only one item as wall decoration. Unless, for example, you opt for a large painting with different colors and shapes. Wall decoration also includes wall vases and mirrors. Be creative and make a combination of various items. For example, you can combine different mirrors, combine wall vases with a shelf, or together with a painting. Make sure that the materials and colors match. Are you unsure about this? Send me a message and I can send you a photo with your unique combination.

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