Furniture from recycled wood

These small pieces of furniture are made by hand from recycled wood. Unique designs that immediately catch the eye! The importance of recycling wood is great, every 2 seconds a piece of forest the size of a football field (WWF) disappears with all its consequences. With the right professionals, the most beautiful creations with recycled wood are created that the furniture made of new wood cannot even match. A special way of recycling wood is that of Van der Leeden. They use wood from old buildings and old wooden houses in Indonesia to make new furniture. In addition to work to make wooden furniture, the locals are given bricks to build new, stronger brick houses. 100% sustainable and super ethical!

Small furniture in the living room

More and more natural materials are brought in to bring peace and balance to our home. Including natural wooden small furniture. Think of wooden side tables, wooden plant stools, wooden TV furniture and wooden side tables. The natural shapes, colors and patterns such as the grain are increasingly valued. The living room is a place where we spend a lot of time. A place where you come home after a long day at work, spend time with your family and friends, your children play and you may now also work. This makes it extra important that it is a place that is in balance. Because natural home accessories come directly from the environment, it is not difficult to create this. In addition, they also give a warm welcome in the hall and a soothing feeling in the bedroom.

Furniture made of scaffolding wood

In addition to small furniture with a natural look, you increasingly see furniture made from recycled scaffolding wood. These have a somewhat tougher look, especially if you place metal legs underneath. The recycled scaffolding wood furniture in this shop is handmade for furniture maker Ronald. The scaffolding wood that is used to make this furniture is residual wood from the construction that they can no longer use.

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