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Colored lamps

These colored lamps create a lot of atmosphere in your home! In addition, they ensure prosperity and a better quality of life in Chiang Mai. Cottonballlight is a small-scale commercial organization. They have a production facility that produces the Cotton Balls and an agency that handles the export activities. The profit they realize is almost entirely reinvested in expanding commercial activities for the production facility and our trading partners in Chiang Mai. This will increase employment in this region.

Convex pendant lamps

The hanging lamps have a convex shape. Round shapes are a real must-have in every home. They break through all rigid corners and give the interior a playful character. Due to the convex shape, the light is nicely spread throughout the room. In addition to the convex variants, you will also find hemispherical hanging lamps. These release just a little more light at the bottom of the lamp.

Decorate with colored lamps

An interior has a number of basic colors that are usually nice and basic. To give your interior a bit more spice, you can add a number of accent colors. You often see this happening with cushions or a rug for the sofa, but that is also possible with a nice colored hanging lamp! I advise you to make a color palette of your interior and choose a color lamp that fits in between. This way you maintain peace in your home. A colored lamp in the living room gives you the opportunity to let your interior speak a little more. Another nice place for a colored lamp is the bedroom. This is a space where color is already being played with, ideal to decorate this place with a colored lamp. A colored lamp is also guaranteed to create a cheerful entrance in the hall!

Hanging system several lamps

Do you want to hang not one but several lamps? This is very easy with the double or triple hanging system. A nice tip is to combine several lamps together.

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