Environmentally friendly candles and fragrance diffusers

Environmentally friendly candles and scent diffusers with original quotes! These candles are made from environmentally friendly materials. The delicious scented candles are made from soy wax. The soy candles are natural candles made from soybeans, a natural, biodegradable and renewable resource. The beans come from local farmers near the candle factory.

The environmentally friendly candles made of soy wax do not emit any or hardly any soot and burn 30% to 45% longer compared to normal paraffin candles. Good for the environment and good for you too! Soy candles also provide a stronger scent. The scents come from a recognized perfume house in France and are carefully composed for an optimal fragrance experience. Due to the biological nature of the candle, if you have spilled it, you can brush the wax away with some warm water and soap. Super handy!

The different scents

A much loved scent is Fresh Cotton, which gives a fresh, pure and comfortable blend of amber, citrus, lily and jasmine, with a soft hint of musk. A soft, light scent that makes your room smell washing machine fresh. The fragrance "Warm Cashmere" is the perfect blend of fresh flowers, golden peach, sensual cashmere musk and soft vanilla. The fine Fig's Delight scent makes it more homely. The fine sweet aroma of fresh figs in combination with the woody yet refreshing kick of copaiba is the favorite scent of many. The Fresh Lotus consists of a combination of citrus, melon, jasmine, water lily, ylang ylang and roses. Amber's Secret is a dreamy fragrance. It has a sexy blend of amber, vanilla, musk and rose with a hint of patchouli. This fragrance lingers for hours. Minty Bamboo is a fresh fragrance with watery, floral and complex notes, blended with a modern bamboo heart. A mix of apple, mint, bamboo, lily, violet and tuberose. Persian Pomegranate is a difficult name that stands for a blend of pomegranate, plum, watermelon, rhubarb, cedarwood and a hint of musk and amber. Sandalwood is a blend of cedarwood, gardenia and a hint of jasmine and ginger. This scent reduces stress and brings out the peace in you.

Tip: these environmentally friendly candles and scent diffusers are also great fun to give as a gift!

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