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The most original handmade home decor for the living room, bedroom, in the hall or under the veranda can be found here! Completely fair and environmentally friendly. Where we used to be satisfied with an interior that looked cozy and attractive, we now like to see it as a reflection of our personality. The combination of colors, materials and shapes play a major role in this. Below I will tell you more about how you can bring out your personality with home decoration and how you can dress it stylishly.

Living room decoration
The living room is sometimes called the face of the house because this is the room where you receive the most people. In addition, this is the space where you also spend the most time. An important place where you can show your personality. Do you live with someone? Then try to find the perfect mix that conveys your identity. I love peace and nature and I am my friend of the tough and the robust. By making a combination between bohemian home accessories and industrial home accessories, both of our preferences come out nicely. So you can also do this with a combination of different colors, materials and shapes.

Personal interior
There are many sites where you can find which specific color suits which personality. I like to listen to your feelings more. If you are airy and open, I think this suits lighter colors. Are you a warm and cozy person, then the warmer shades might suit you a bit more. I advise you to look at the feeling that certain colors arouse in you. It is then useful to make a color palette to ensure that it does not become a circus.

In addition to colors, shapes and materials are important for the feeling you want to convey with your interior. Round shapes show a playful character. Abstract and geometric shapes show your artistic side. Straight, clean lines indicate that you have your affairs in order. Again, I advise you to experience for yourself which feeling arises with a certain shape.

The choice of materials is endless. You have brass, recycled glass, marble, wood and so I can go on for a while. Each material also has its own finish that can make a big difference in the look it radiates. Coarser materials show your tougher side, smooth materials the elegant side and soft materials your sweet side.

Below you will find all categories of home decor:

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