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The most original home decoratie handmade by real artists in a fairtrade manner, using environmentally friendly materials. The home accessories that you find on this webshop are designed according to the most current trends. In consultation with the artists, the suppliers look at what can actually be made. This involves a lot of craftsmanship. The suppliers then look for a way to produce the home decoration in the most environmentally friendly way. In this entire process, people and the environment are put first. Here you will find all suppliers I work with.

How to decorate your home

For some, decorating their home is a very natural proces, but for others it is quite a job to make their interior cohesive and cosy. The living room is sometimes called the heart of the house because this is the room where you receive the most people. In addition, this is the space where you also spend the most time. Thus, it is a must to get the most out of this room! Below you will find a simple step-by-step plan:

1. Tip 1: choose a colour palette
A predetermined colour palette ensures that your living room becomes a coherent. You can base this palette on the colours you already have in your home, or opt for something completely different. I often choose a number of soft basic shades and combine them with a number of striking colours. Within this colour palette you can always go for the lighter or darker shades. If you find it difficult to put together a colour palette for your living room yourself, you can also find inspiration on Google.

Tip 2: what is your interior style?
If you asked me what my favourite interior style would be, I would also have to think about it. For example, I like the robustness of the industrial living style and the natural of the bohemian living styleFor this reason, I don’t want to advise you to stick to one certain style. Get ideas for different living styles and make a mood board or pin photos of your favourite living rooms on a board on Pinterest. It is nice to have a little grip on what you like. Make it your own! 

Tip 3: determine the layout of your interior
Maybe you've been stuck in your old layout for years or you're starting with an empty space. It is always good to arrange your furniture in different ways to see how it affects the room. Do you already have furniture? Then you can move it around. If you prefer not to do this, you can also draw your living room and furniture to scale and slide it that way. I also recommend doing this when buying new furniture. Often a piece of furniture looks very small in a large home furnishing store, but if it is in your living room it could turn out much bigger than you thought, which would be a shame!

Tip 4: complete your living room with appropriate home decoration that makes you happy!
A friend of mine recently told me exactly what I often hear. She bought a vase in a super nice home furnishing store, which she was super enthusiastic about. Only when she came home with it she couldn't actually find a suitable place for it. My advice is to only buy home decoratie if you already know where you are going to put it. In addition, it is useful to measure the spot that you want to decorate. This way you prevent your carefully selected decoration set from being too big or too small. Of course, keep making impulse purchases in addition to these organized purchases, that will keep it exciting and fun!

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